Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions include:

  • international search and identification of investment and trading partners
  • due diligence
  • support in the identification and development of new applications for technology products

Marketing & Sales

Highly targeted online and digital marketing & advertising solutions.

Start-up Innovation and Acceleration

Wider Europe helps start-ups at different stages to grow.

Finding Talent, Co-Founders  and Interim Management

Finding tech talent is difficult. Wider Europe helps to find CTO’s and other key technical team members.

Education & Training

In today’s fast moving world it is very important to stay informed about the latest technology developments. Postgraduate degrees, executive education, short courses provide an excellent way to keep updated and learn about the latest technologies.

Wider Europe Sectors

Are you active in tech, digital, AI & machine learning, data analytics, AR & VR, IoT with a focus on  Agritech
Edtech, Fintech, MedTech or autonomous systems and need help with your next step? Get in touch with us.

Wider Europe Region

Wider Europe covers all countries that are located within geographic borders of Europe, independently if the country is a member of the European Union, the Single Market or any other political or trade union.